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was born in Caracas-Venezuela . She finished her dance studies at the National Dance School Carabobo. At the age of 17 she started to work with the Dance Company 100%Impro in Caracas.


At the age of 19 she moved to Vienna, and started working in many different projects with the Company Tanz*Hotel (dir. Bert Gstettner), Tanz-theater Homunculus, Milli Bitterli, Lena Wicke und Rosemarie Poiarkov, Elisabeth Tambwe and in other collective projects with Natalie Trs, Carlos Delgado, Ursula Fink, Rommel Nieves, with Brigitte Lackner in collaboration with the Schule des Theaters Wien and others.

Since 2006 she has been developing her own artistic projects, and the education that she has as an artist is based on many dance, theater, movement workshops. She finished the Multimedia Studies in the Fotoschule Vienna in 2011, where she explored the area of photography and VideoArt, her hobbies and inspiration for her choreographic and ideas for installation projects. She is taking also taking singing lessons since 2010, because she finds also in music a big inspiration for her works.


In 2011 she worked as assistant of choreography for Elisabeth Tambwe cia. Dig Up. In Vienna.


In April 2012 was the premier of Indira s new solo performance Cicatrix, on the residence program Artist At Resort, coached by Bert Gstettner. In may 2012 Cicatrix was presented at the Nestroyhof Hamakom Vienna.


From Juni 2012 Indi. (Indira Nunez and the musicianThomas Jirku) is a new Gast member of the ttpWuk.


In July-August 2013 she performed in the piece Wagner Dämmerung directed by Paulus Manker, to see the next shows see:

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"Circulos" by 100%IMPRO

Photos by Carla Ledermann

"Saty Icons" by Tanz*Hotel.

Photos by Tanz*Hotel

"Giftige Flügel" by HOMUNCULUS


"Runter kommen alle" by Lena Wicke & Rosi Poiarkov

Photos by Taraka Rojas

"Still Life" by Elisabeth Tambwe

Photos by Taraka Rojas

"Cicatrix" by Indira Nunez.
foto by Otto Jekel